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Detecting and preventing Bluetooth Low Energy Attacks

Over the last two years or so a large number of research papers and presentations on security flaws in BLE devices came out. By far, the most prevalent hacks against BLE involve capturing handshakes, hard-coded keys and replay attacks. However, these papers and presentations are on the offensive side of this subject, describing different attacks […]

15 June 2020
It’s a file infector… it’s ransomware… it’s Virlock

Win32.Virlock with all its variations is both a new kind of file infector and ransomware (screen-locker) at the same time. In this paper, we aim to cover the techniques used by this virus and discuss methods that can be used to detect and disinfect systems affected by it. Virlock uses several techniques, including code-obfuscation, staged […]

17 August 2016
The Ransomware Strikes Back

It has been 24 years since the PC Cyborg trojan used to scramble file names and demand a ransom in return for restoring them. Since then, cybercriminal minds have engineered new methods for generating revenue. This paper presents the evolution of ransomware and the methods used. An analysis of over 2,000 representative samples (from a […]

17 August 2016


Graduate Fellowships
  Bitdefender’s Graduate Fellowships Program is designed to support and stimulate students pursuing relevant research in computer science and adjacent disciplines. A key benefit of the program is the opportunity to collaborate and engage with Bitdefender's researchers. The Bitdefender's Graduate Fellowships Program is open to students and PhD students who are seeking or are currently involved in ongoing research in one of the following areas: Security and Privacy Machine Lea...
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Research Collaboration
For the past 10 years Bitdefender has partnered with universities, faculties and PhD students on various security research projects related with security and privacy. As part of Bitdefender's Research Collaboration Program, researchers will be given the opportunity to work directly with Bitdefender’s research, engineering, and product teams to discuss, disseminate and test their research ideas and results, access Bitdefender’s datasets and explore related technical challenges. Bitdefender...
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Faculty Programs
At Bitdefender we always invested in education, being part of numerous partnerships with top faculties located in Romania major university centers. Currently we are involved in faculty programs with the following universities: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi ”Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca Technical University of Cluj-Napoca The University of Bucharest University Politehnica of Bucharest Politehnica University Timisoara We are interested in creating an...
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